10 Facts You Must Know About Your Health!

10 Facts You Must Know About Your Health!

With the influx of new information from the latest studies about what’s good and what’s bad for our bodies, health trends tend to come and go. Most often than not, we find ourselves confused as the facts can contradict each other and be misleading.

To shine some light on the topic, here’s a list of lesser known facts to know about your health. 

  1. An apple a day…could help prevent obesity (and more) – Can an apple a day really keep the doctor away? Probably not all the time. But did you know that a substance found in apple peels, called ursolic acid, may be able to reduce the threat of obesity in humans? Ursolic acid has shown to develop brown fat and muscle tissues, both of which are recognised for excellent calorie-burning properties. Not only that, apples can also boost your heart health, keep ageing at bay and help prevent muscle wasting.
  2.  Moderate drinking can have health benefits – It is argued that the moderate consumption of alcohol can be beneficial in preventing the risk of diseases such as cancer, liver disease and osteoporosis. A sensible amount of alcohol in your system can in fact increase “good” cholesterol and reduce “bad” cholesterol in the blood, improving the blood lipid profile and help lower blood pressure. However, moderation is key!
  3.  Vitamin D aids in weight loss – Studies have demonstrated that higher levels of Vitamin D aids weight loss and improves the effects of a reduced calorie diet. It has been shown that it can promote the acceleration of fat loss among people who originally have low levels of vitamin D. A lack of vitamin D has also been linked to a number of health problems including heart disease, obesity and diabetes.
  4.  Smoking increases the risk of osteoporosis – Just another reason to stop and think before lighting up. Among the endless harmful effects of smoking, one of the lesser-known threats is linked to bone deterioration. Various studies highlight the impairment of bones, muscles and joints from smoking – putting smokers at higher risk to osteoporosis.
  5.  Fruits and veggies can help with pain relief – A diet abundant in benzoic acid which is a natural substance found in fruits and vegetables helps your body produce a compound called salicylic acid (SA). It was discovered that when given benzoic acid, study participants were able to manufacture their own SA, the component which produces the pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory properties found in aspirin.
  6.  You snooze, you lose – Hitting the snooze button might give you the extra few minutes, but it actually does more harm than good. Dozing off after you hit snooze tells your brain to begin a new sleep cycle. When you wake up as the alarm goes off the second time, you’re likely to be in a deep early stage of sleep, which results in you feeling worse than you did the first time around. Try adopting a regular sleep schedule and you’ll find yourself not needing an alarm clock to begin with.
  7.  Deep breathing can improve your mood – Practicing deep breathing will increase your body’s dopamine production, the pleasure-inducing neurochemical in the brain which in turn can boost your mood. Doing yoga asana, Pranayama and meditation are great methods to practice deep breathing and classes can be taken whether at your local studio or on a yoga holiday. The benefits of deep breathing are numerous and varied, from helping you to de-stress to strengthening the immune system and improving posture.
  8.  Good sleeping habits can improve your memory - Whilst getting a good night's sleep your brain is actually busy establishing memories and skills acquired during the day, a process often known as 'consolidation'. Your mind as well as your body will thank you for getting an early night and sticking to a regular sleeping pattern.
  9.  Running performance improves in the afternoon and evening - If you are trying to get fit and morning jogs feel like a struggle, it may be because this is the time at which your bodily functions perform at their worst during the day. In the afternoon or evening, however, your body temperature peaks, meaning your muscles are suppler than in the earlier stages of the day. Lung function improves, and with that, running speed and performances do too
  10.  Facials are good for you - Stimulating the fibroblasts in your skin releases collagen, warding off untimely wrinkles and restoring elasticity to the skin. Plus, massaging the face facilitates blood circulation, flushes toxins, breaks down fatty deposits and promotes lymphatic drainage. A facial can also help ease nasal and sinus decongestion. Now you have another excuse to treat yourself on a spa holiday!

 Thank you so much for the wonderful contribution to NZ Health Clubs blog Samantha Lippiatt

 About the author  Samantha is an entrepreneur, healthy lifestyle advocate and co-founder of Australia’s first speciality wellness travel company, Health and Fitness Travel.

 About Health and Fitness Travel Health and Fitness Travel is a global luxury wellness travel company that originated in the UK in 2010 and is committed to providing healthy holidays that enhance and change lives. Created by Paul Joseph, Adam Heathcote and co-founded in Australia by local Director Samantha Lippiatt as a result of their combined passion for health and fitness travel and offering bespoke holidays to improve people’s well-being to lead happier and healthier lives.

Health and Fitness Travel offers clients a tailor-made seamless service with the very best health and fitness holidays, handpicked by its expert team, together with exclusive and added value packages with the best deals. As leading specialists, Health and Fitness Travel have also created their own healthy holiday collections in various destinations which include Fusion Fitness and Discover Recover, offering clients the best value and holiday experience. For more information visit: www.healthandfitnesstravel.com.au 

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