Ready to slim down? Step away from the cardio zone!

Ready to slim down? Step away from the cardio zone!

Ready to slim down? Step away from the cardio zone!

Having been a Personal Trainer for just under a decade and helped hundreds of women on their journeys to lose fat and tone up - there is nothing that comes closer to giving me heart palpitations then when a new member refuses any free help or advice upon joining and then a few weeks/months/ sometimes YEARS later finally comes to see someone only to say this:

“I’ve been a member for XYZ amount of time and I’ve been working out doing four or five 45 minute sessions on the cardio/classes each week and I have not lost any weight or size!”

This is especially depressing when it is now half a year or longer since they have joined.

So in the effort to hopefully save YOU from this fate, or at least get in as early as possible to give you the right information - listen up if you want that hot body!


Cardio is your enemy when it comes to fat loss! Want to run a marathon? Cool - you are going to have to do a lot of running to get your fitness up.


Don’t want to run a marathon or take up any other endurance based competition or activity and your goal is physique based? Then step off that treadmill right now - and let’s venture into the weights area.



You see for us females, cardio works in a very counterproductive way that the fitter you get, the less energy your body uses, and so the less calories you burn. On top of this, long bouts(think more than 10-15minutes) of cardio at a time start to interfere with the optimal functioning of your hormones and put your body in a state of stress where it HOLDS ONTO body fat as a repair/coping mechanism.


Basically - it creates toxicity and stress in the body. And body fat? Is a fantastic buffer for toxins so your body will prefer to keep it around so that the toxins don’t harm your body in other ways.

Further to this - too much cardio also means you end up depleting many of your energy stores, eventually your muscle density suffers. And when you lose muscle - your metabolism slows. So now you have to work even harder, for even crappier results and it just keeps getting worse.



Want to get toned? Lean? Then guess what - you need muscle.

You can’t flex fat - therefore you can’t tone when all you have is bone and fat. You NEED muscle to flex so that you can HAVE tone.

The fantastic part of being a female is our hormones are regulated in a way where it is near impossible for you to build huge amounts of muscle. If you are LUCKY, and you were to train hard at weights/resistance training about 5 times a week you would be pushing to gain a kilo or two of muscle per year. You know - at the same time that you would lose about 5-10kg of fat AND lose a few dress sizes AND end up finally looking toned!


But the only way to do this is to lift weights - heavy weights, for lower repetitions in the 8-12 repetition range, giving yourself plenty of rest between sets, and regularly pushing yourself to increase the weight to your absolute maximum. Lifting light weights over and over to get tone? May as well jump back on the treadmill.


I wish I could just jump on a rooftop and scream this information out to everyone but I will settle for the knowledge that this is going to help YOU - if you choose to take it on board. Go lift those weights and let’s see that toned body come to life!


Ana Brooks is the leading speaker, writer and mindset coach inspiring women to quit their BS and excuses and create a lifestyle by design - not by default. Find out more at and learn more about how Ana can help you reach your goal!