8. Kale

We hardly need to tell you about how healthy kale is; you can practically taste the health value seeping out of its leaves as you chew it. This salad staple is great for your heart, owing to its vitamin C, B6, fibre, potassium content. Boosting potassium intake while cutting down on sodium intake is an excellent strategy to reduce your risk of cardiovascular disease. Kale is also high in vitamin A, which moisturizes your hair and lets your body grow and repair tissues.

9. Black Currant

These rich berries are an excellent source of vitamin C. Boost your immune system and rid your body of free radicals by snacking on them whenever you get the chance. 100 grams of black currants contains more than 300% of your daily vitamin C needs. The same amount contains 20% of your iron requirement for a day. Their anthocyanins are great for fighting aging and age-related diseases. If you haven’t tried black currants, now is the perfect time!

10. Strawberries

Fortify your diet with the sweet crimson delights known as strawberries and never look back. Strawberries contain lots of vitamin C—98% of your daily needs in 100 grams. Strawberries have other vitamins and minerals too, like vitamins A, E and many B-complex vitamins. They contain lots of minerals, among them iodine and fluorine, and happen to taste divine as well.

The selection of foods above is chock-full of vitamin C. Their nutrient content secures a place for all of them in a healthy diet—especially if you want to lower your risk of scurvy and make sure you don’t get sick any time soon. Try to have at least one of these foods rich in vitamin C everyday.