10 Brain Exercises to Keep Your Mind and Memory Sharp

10 Brain Exercises to Keep Your Mind and Memory Sharp

If your feeling sluggish in the aftermath of a long and tiresome season now could be the best time to start sharpening your mind to get back into top form. Memory games and cognitive training exercises can help to strengthen your brainpower and enhance your memory.

You may first think about sudokus and crosswords as classic brain training activities, but they aren't the only options! We have collected 10 of our favourite and easy brain exercises to help improve your memory and concentration.

While you're at it, why not also strengthen your nutritional intake with Memory Fx for cognitive function?

1. Ditch the Calculator

Next time you need to do a calculation, instead of reaching for your phone or calculator, try doing it yourself! This is an easy and simple way to stimulate your brain activity and

2. Naming Different Colours

To help improve your focus, try out this simple game. Write the names of several colours down in a different colour to the word. For example, write the word 'red' in the colour green. Then, try saying aloud the colour that the word is written in. This is much harder than it sounds as your brain will be trying to read the word rather than the colour!

3. Try a New Sport

Trying out a new sport or exercise is a great way to not only sharpen your mind but keep in shape too! Sports that combine mind and body such as golf, tennis or badminton are great options and there are hundreds of other sports to try out there! From football to cycling, to darts, there's an option out there for everyone!

4. Recall Testing

This is a simple task that can help improve your memory. Simply make a list of item or numbers, learn them off by heart, then try to recall them after a couple of hours. You cant start with 5 or so object and as you get better you can add to the size and complexity of the list. For example, swapping English words for another language, or going from 1-digit numbers to 3-digit numbers.

5. Sleep Exercises

Sleep plays an incredible role in memory, brain function and immunity!. Getting a good nights sleep is essential if you want to boost these areas. Sleep exercise can help with that! All you have to do is lay in a comfortable position, close your eyes and pay attention to your breathing. Focus only on inhaling and exhaling and let all your other thoughts go, this is like a form of meditation and will make falling asleep much easier.

6. Teach Someone a New Skill

One of the best ways to expand your learning is to teach someone a new skill. Once you've learnt a new skill, you need to practice is to retain that skill. Teaching someone means you need to explain the skill and correct any mistakes you make. As an example, teaching someone how to draw or how to swing a golf club.

7. Dance your Heart Out

It's been noted that learning new dance moves can increase your brains processing speed and memory. In other words, busting a move on the dance floor can help you stay on top of not only your physical game but your mental game too! 

Want to test it out? There are hundreds of online classes to use, or grab a partner and find some dance lessons near you!

8. Brain-training Apps

There are hundreds of brain training apps out there on the market to help you improve your cognitive ability on the go. Apps like Elevate, Lumosity or Peak all have different activities and exercises to do on your phone to help enhance different parts of the brain!

9. Have an Opposite Day

To try to keep your brain on its toes, try doing everyday tasks the opposite way around. This can be from using your non-dominant hand, to getting dressed in the opposite order. This is a fun one to do with kids especially.

10. Draw a Map from Memory

This is a fun one. Think of a town, building or country that you know well and try to draw a map of it from memory! Once you're done you can go online to see how close you were. Place you could do are your home town, your home country, your friend's house, or somewhere you've just visited!


By following these 10 simple exercises, you’ll help your brain stay sharp for any problems that may come your way. For a bit of extra help, don’t forget to take Memory Fx for a boost that will give your brain the support it needs.


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