PURE, Natural New Zealand

PURE, Natural New Zealand

Natural New Zealand

New Zealand was home to Sir Edmund Hillary. Yes, the first man to summit Mount Everest was a Kiwi.

Quite fitting, isn't it, considering New Zealand's clean green natural image, exquisite scenery, adventure, culture and friendly people. New Zealand’s pure unscathed countryside has made the perfect pathway for many of the world’s highest quality farmed animals. While sheep are clearly the livestock of choice here, farmers also raise deer.

Deer farming is flourishing due to its predator-free, green rolling pastures offering some of the most nutrient rich land for deer. New Zealand is a water rich country with regular natural rain water and snow melt providing a unique and special combination of mineral waters.

All deer are raised in paddocks just like the cattle. They have the perfect environment to eat fresh green grass pastures and grow naturally outside all year round, in comparison with many countries where stock is housed indoors. New Zealand deer are free to roam across grass and tussock covered land feeding on red and white clover, rye, fescue and lucerne.

Feed on natural pastures to ensure that the deer are free of antibiotics and growth hormones allowing Koru Nutrition to offer a specialised clean and pure product.

Animal welfare is at the heart of any good farming business which you will see as you drive through rural New Zealand.  New Zealand deers farmers’ responsibility for the wellbeing of stock starts at birth and continues, not only while they are on the farms, but also beyond the farm gate.

Koru Nutrition makes sure that the extraction process is as painless and as stress free on the deer as possible and is done in a way that ensures the longevity and wellbeing of the deer. All farmers make sure that the animals are treated with care and respect, in a healthy and safe environment.

This is backed up by the Animal Protection Index which ranks 50 countries across the world on their animal welfare standards and places New Zealand in first place. To achieve this ranking, the overall welfare of deer is made a top priority of the NZ Deer industry.

Deer in particular are covered under the Deer Animal Welfare Code. The Animal Welfare Act 1999 came into force on 1 January 2000. It establishes the fundamental obligations relating to the care of animals.

Codes set out minimum standards and recommendations relating to all aspects of the care of animals and we make it our goal to do more than just the minimum standard, exceeding it where possible. We strictly adhere to this ensuring the best quality of life for the deer while producing a superior product. 

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