Best Foods For Arthritis and Joint Pain

Humans have been eating whole foods for thousands of years. It is only the last century or so since our diets have changed substantially to process foods filled with trans fatty acids and refined sugar.

Studies show that this is lead to all types of modern-day chronic illnesses like cancer, heart disease and Arthritis. Inflammation sits at the heart of these diseases

However, there has been numerous studies done on foods and nutrients that have shown assist or boost your immune system, and giving you the necessary tools to fight the causes of inflammation.

These are the best natural ways to help your body fight joint pain and arthritis, and improve your mobility.

Cruciferous Vegetables

The cruciferous family of vegetables, such a cabbage, broccoli, brussel sprouts and kale, contain specific amino acids your body needs to generate natural Glutathione.

Glutathione is the most abundant, natural antioxidant which strengthens the immune system and helps offset the physical effects causing joint pain.

It regulates immune cells, preventing them from attacking tissue and cells (such as inflamed joints) allowing them to settle down, heal and reduce cartilage breakdown. This in turn decreases pain and inflammation, simulating movement and mobility.

White Willow Bark

White Willow Bark is rich in powerful anti-inflammatory and analgesic plant compounds known as polyphenols, which are thought to be responsible for pain relieving and anti-inflammatory effects.
White Willow contains Salicin which is a natural compound similar to Asprin, providing a safer, natural pain relief.

Seafood Stew

Shellfish and fish skeletons contain vital chondroitin and glucosamine sulfate.

Chondroitin & glucosamine sulphate are both important structural components naturally found in our cartilage and joint fluid. They provide resistance to compression and lubrication.

Chondroitin and glucosamine have been shown to enhance the shock-absorbing properties of collagen and blocks the enzymes that break down cartilage. They help cartilage retain water and may even reverse cartilage loss when used together.

Studies have shown that with the correct ratio of Glucosamine Sulphate in conjunction with Chondroitin Sulphate, people can slow the deterioration of cartilage, relieve osteoarthritis pain and improve joint mobility.

Vitamin C

Kiwifruit, citrus and other colourful fruit and veggies are rich in vitamin C.

Vitamin C aids in the absorption of nutrients and acts as an important antioxidant. It also inhibits collagenase and elastase, the enzymes responsible for the breakdown of connective tissue.

That way your joints and ligaments stay as healthy as when you were a teenager! In addition to protecting connective tissues, it also protects against free radical damage.

Boswellia AKA Frankincense

One of the most widely used herbs in Indian medicine, Boswellia has been used for centuries by traditional Indian healers to reduce arthritic pain and inflammation.

Hundreds of studies prove its effectiveness and support its value as a powerful, safe, natural anti-inflammatory.

In a randomised, double-blind, placebo controlled study, those taking Boswellia experienced a significant reduction in pain and swelling, together with an increase in joint mobility and flexibility as compared to the placebo group.

Fish & Flaxseed Oils

Fish and flaxseed oils contain omega-3 Fatty Acids which encourage the body’s natural anti-inflammatory response. Omega-3 is a crucial nutrient to support optimum health, including joint flexibility and comfort.


Turmeric contains curcumin which has a unique ability to use its antioxidant powers to seek out and destroy the free radicals in the body contributing to pain and swelling.

A recent study undertaken at the prestigious Sloan-Kettering Cancer Research Center in New York found that turmeric was safer and more precise in stopping inflammation than aspirin, by shutting down the COX-2 enzyme responsible for arthritic pain.

When curcumin is combined with black pepper extract, alpha linoleic acid and hyaluronic acid it maximises its absorbability and therefore its effectiveness.

These powerful antioxidants are the final line of defense against disease, illness and pain.

Unfortunately, with the nutrient-deficient food we’re eating today, the vast majority of adults struggle to build up antioxidants.

These foods are proven to reduce inflammation. The only problem is that is can be complicated, expensive and nearly impossible to include all these in your daily diet - especially with the quanities you require for them to be effective.

Check out a far simplar way (both monetary and pharmaceutically) to get all these joint relieving ingredients and nutrients below.