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Rediscover your mobility, freedom and independence in as little as 60 days...

Target stiff knees, creaky hips, rusty fingers and painful backs:

  •  100% non-invasive and painless
  •  No more synthetic pills or prescription pharmaceuticals
  •  No pokes, prods, needles or surgery


This special report is based on scientific, peer-reviewed and published information.

This is NOT hype...

This is REAL SCIENCE that has cost millions to publish along with REAL PEOPLE now living their lives PAIN-FREE!


"Your article about Joint FX interested me although I was skeptical about the quick relief. My word, what a difference by taking Joint FX! I can work with much less discomfort and pain and always look forward to taking taking it. I'm almost 59 and I feel great! My morning stiffness has retreated as well."
Russell S. - Queenstown, NZ
Results not typical. Individual results may vary.

"Within about 10 days I noticed that when I pressed on my shoulder, the pain was gone and I was even sleeping better."

Barbara L. - Dunedin, NZ
Results not typical. Individual results may vary.

"It arrived a few days ago, I have taken 2 capsules for each of the last two mornings and already the pain in my hips has gone - wonderful."

Jocelyn C. - Kawerau, N
Results not typical. Individual results may vary.


Hundreds of ex-joint pain sufferers around New Zealand are saying YES!

Introducing the 'Special Joint Pain Report' prepared for joint pain sufferers.

Imagine walking down the street without so much as thinking about your knees or your hips.

What if you could button your shirt, write a letter or wring out a washcloth without the slightest twinge in your wrists or fingers?

What if you could pick up the hobbies you thought were long gone like dancing, gardening, golfing, biking, bowling, knitting or playing the piano?

What have YOU given up because of creaky, cranky, painful and inflamed joints?

Because, after 27 years of research and development, over 203 successful human trials, we have discovered the answer that allows joint pain sufferers to…

  • Take back your active lifestyle.
  • Enjoy your favourite hobbies all over again.
  • You can feel limber, mobile, pain-free and independent FOR GOOD.

This natural breakthrough in joint support is backed by millions in research and testing.

We even GUARANTEE it!

Read on to find out more about our guarantee...
Being 100% non-invasive and painless…
It doesn’t require synthetic pills or prescription pharmaceuticals with nasty side effects...
You can access the benefits WITHOUT pokes, prods, needles or surgery...

This truly is a natural way to activate the power of your body when supported by the perfect blend of natural ingredients that are backed by science!

Until now, we've only been able to control pain temporarily...

Relieve inflammation for a short period of time.

Replace or rebuild joints with painful and expensive surgeries that may have dangerous if not life threatening complications that go on for years…

What you're about to discover is an all new way of supporting your joints back to their healthier days.

It supports your body to NATURALLY halt joint destruction.

And at the same time it promotes your bodies cartilage by providing the vital nutrients required - many that can’t be attained in levels needed by modern diets alone.

It’s almost like, replacing your stiff, worn, painful old joints and swapping them with healthy, flexible, PAIN FREE, new ones.

Here’s how it works…

How do you turn off the joint destruction switch?

27 years ago, one New Zealand researcher went to work trying to answer that question.

Watching his grandmother, grandfather and then mother be crippled by joint pain, this biochemist living just north of Christchurch was set to find an answer whatever the costs.

After hundreds of thousands invested, with a few breakthroughs along the way, he was able to fund and access the research he knew would bring back life to his mother…

It wasn’t until he met with a well known researcher that the true discoveries began to be revealed.

The secret lies in a precise combination of 9 all-natural ingredients that effectivley flip the switch of destruction, reducing pain and disease causing chronic inflammation.

These compounds support the body to repair the damage done and protect itself from future attacks.

Your body is under constant attack from oxidative stress known as free radicals.

Free radicals scavenge the body to seek out other electrons so they can become a pair.

This causes them to break down the cells causing chain reaction damage to cells, proteins and DNA.

Free radicals are associated with over 170 human diseases, including cancer, arthritis, Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's disease and many others.

They also may have a link to aging, which has been defined as a gradual accumulation of free-radical damage, according to Christopher Wanjek, the Bad Medicine columnist for Live Science.

“Toxins that generate free radicals can be found in the food we eat, the synthetic medicines we take, the air we breathe and the water we drink,” according to the Huntington's Outreach Project for Education at Stanford University.

“These toxins can come from fried foods, alcohol, tobacco smoke, pesticides, cleaning products and air pollutants.”

There’s no way to avoid the toxins BUT this solution has been proven to be an effective defense against the damage!

By stopping the cause of joint degradation, it removes the source of your pain... AND supports your cartilage to repair and rebuild itself naturally!

This combination is contained within ONLY 1 product in the world - Joint FX!

With just 2 little "miracle capsules" a day, it delivers more relief and real benefit than all the mass produced, 'main stream products that are just trying to sell bulk pills as fast as they can…

Often filled with fillers and toxins that may cause more harm than good!

I’ll tell you what’s in our ALL natural, NO compromise, Joint FX in just a second...

But first - this is what real kiwis have reported back to us.

We've had people report back to us that Joint FX has:

  • "Eradicated knee pain and allowed them to walk freely again"
  • "Loosened their stiff fingers"
  • "Greased" creaky knees
  • "Eased stubborn backs"
  • "Relieved hip discomfort"
  • "Improved morning stiffness"
  • "Erased joint tenderness"

Some people have even seen their symptoms "vanish completely!"

Now, everyone's body is different so we're not saying this WILL happen for you... that's why we GUARANTEE our product... more on this shortly.

Although it's only been on the market for a short while, Joint FX is already in high demand with stock levels constantly getting close to running out due to the difficulty in aquiring the specialist ingredients.

We're also generating a flood of "fan testimonials" from users.

I've included just a sample of their personal stories in this speical report!

"After just one week my knees felt more flexible...I'm very pleased with the results. I'm now able to play with my grandkids."
Jason M. - North Shore, NZ
Results not typical. Individual results may vary.

How do you know if Joint FX will work for you?

I imagine you’ve tried many joint relief "solutions".

You’ve heard lots of big claims — but experienced minor improvements, at best.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if Joint FX really gave you back your freedom of movement and ended the constant achiness?

But how do you know this is the real deal?

Well, let me answer that three ways:

ONE: This solution stops the free-radicals OR "attack molecules" with a unique combination of scientifically proven super antioxidants…
...that turn off the cause of your ongoing joint destruction — and spurs your body into joint repair mode.

This combination is unlike anything you’ve ever tried before!
TWO: It's based on REAL "science".

This one has well over 11 independent studies into EACH of the main active ingredients!

And already, it's improved thousands of lives, including people who'd gone from hardly being able to walk because of their knee pain to jogging a few times a week... up hills!

THREE: It's Guaranteed To Work In 60 Days Or Less...

That's pretty much unheard of in the supplement business.

The company who makes this claim, is basically saying to you: "Try it out and take all the time you need. Make sure it works for you!"

If it doesn't, you haven't risked anything and you'll be able to get a full refund!

If it does — oh, what a change it could make in your life!

In as little as a few weeks...

...you could be bounding out of bed every morning without feeling any creaks, stiffness or soreness.

...you could be bending with ease; reaching, lifting, walking, dancing, hiking — and feel like you had shackles removed from your joints!

...you could be trading your cane for a golf club or tennis racket, and get back to all the activities you used to enjoy.

It really is possible. So please take a moment and read this fascinating report.

Then give Joint FX a try — I think you'll be thrilled with the results.

"I used to feel very guilty for not being able to play with my grandchildren. Since taking Joint FX I have very little pain in my knees, hips and back and more energy too. I am able to play with my grandkids again. They don't know what's happened to nana because I could never play with them before. I can't say thank you enough!!!"
Belinda T. - Christchurch, NZ
Results not typical. Individual results may vary.
"I could tell Joint FX had made a difference because after a hard, stressful day at work I was walking to my car and felt better than I had in a long time.
Veronica P. - Napier, NZ
Results not typical. Individual results may vary.
"My life has changed after just five days of taking Joint FX. I have had very bad problems in my shoulder and I was going for my third cortisone shot when I read about Joint FX. I'm very much satisfied with my purchase!"
Elizabeth S. - Blenheim, NZ
Results not typical. Individual results may vary.

If your immune system's "attack switch" is left on, it will continue to chip away at your cells in an endless cycle of destruction that doesn’t just end with your joints...

Decide now to STOP the damage and END the agony!

Try Joint FX 100% Risk Free Today...

Amazing Product
"Joint FX just came when I was desperate for something. I ordered it and after five weeks, my knee and hip started to get better. My knee was so swollen I could not kneel on it, I also could only go up or down stairs one foot at a time. Now I have gotten back to everything without any pain or inflammation. Joint FX is an amazing product for arthritis! I can't thank you enough for Joint FX! Today I am ordering four more bottles!"
Grace G. - Masterton, NZ
Results not typical. Individual results may vary.
Try Joint FX today and get the 100% risk free


We WANT you to take a full 60 days to make sure Joint FX is the right fit for you - if it's not we'll happily refund your money NO hassles. It's the Kiwi way!

How Your Joints Get Stuck In A Cycle Of Destruction...

So How Does Joint FX "Shut Off" The Joint Attacks?!

Once scientists understood that the real cause of joint destruction was the body's own immune system, two big questions arose:

What would stop the immune system from attacking joints?

After more than 27 years and millions of research dollars later, scientists from around the world have discovered the answer...

and it’s hiding in nature...

Better yet the ingredients they found are contained in the breakthrough natural formulation of Joint FX!

So what were these compounds?

Well, I’m sure you’ve heard the hype about Omega 3’s.

Omega 3 Fatty Acids (specifically ALA) is a crucial nutrient to support optimum health including joint flexibility and comfort.

But sadly, too many people rely on smelly fish or krill oil alone and miss out on the other vital nutrients the earth gives us - like the amino acids that stimulate the natural production of Glutathione without the smelly fish burps!

Gluthanol is the leading formulation of natural N-acetylcysteine, L-Glycine, L-Glutamine and Alpha-Lipoic Acid used to stimulate your bodies Glutathione production.

It was these natural amino acids that scientists discovered in 2000 to stimulate the body to produce natural Glutathione, which was clincally proven to reverse a number of diseases!

"[It's] the world’s best antioxidant,” according to Dr. Oz!

But this biochemist found even more great news!

Turmeric Extract - you should know about this by now!
A recent study done at the prestigious Sloan-Kettering Cancer Research Center in New York found that turmeric was more safe and precise than aspirin in stopping inflammation by shutting down the COX2 enzyme responsible for arthritis pain.

And turmeric caused none of the aspirin’s typical gastrointestinal irritation.

The only issue is that your body struggles to absorb any of the vital nutrient, curcumin without assistance.

That’s why Curcarine is the must have ingredient.

It’s the precise combination of of curcumin (the bit you need out of the turmeric), piperine, alpha-linolenic acid and hyaluronic acid that work throughout your entire body to help fight inflammation, cleanse and thin blood…

Plus it’s even been proven to boost cardiovascular, respiratory and immune function.

Next up was Boswellia extract

One of the most widely used herbs in Indian medicine. It has been used for centuries by traditional Indian healers to reduce arthritis pain and swelling of the joints.

In a randomized, double blind, placebo controlled human study, 30 patients received 333mg, 3x a day of Boswellia.

The group who received the Boswellia had a significant reduction in pain and swelling and experienced an increase in joint mobility and flexibility as compared to the placebo group.

This is only one of the hundreds of studies into the powerful substance.

Not only does the earth give us natural ways to reduce inflammation but it also gives us ways to reduce pain without synthetic pharmaceuticals that introduce further foreign toxins.

Natural Pain Relief - White Willow Bark Extract
White Willow Bark is rich in powerful anti-inflammatory and analgesic plant compounds known as polyphenols, which are thought to be responsible for pain relieving and anti-inflammatory effects.

White Willow contains Salicin which is a natural compound similar to Asprin providing a safer, natural pain reliever.

It was used by Hippocrates, the father of modern medicine and continues to be used today!

Now that we know some key ingredients to fighting the inflammation and pain it’s important that we begin the rebuilding of your cartilage for long term flexibility and mobility.

Then there's Chondroitin & Glucosamine Sulphate
Chondroitin & Glucosamine Sulphate are naturally produced in the body and provides natural building blocks for growth, repair and maintenance of cartilage.

They support the retention of water and stop the enzymes that break down cartilage, supporting the reduction of cartilage loss as you age.

Premium Vitamin C compounds

Premium Vitamin C aids in the absorption of nutrients and supports your immune system during this fighting and rebuilding going on in your joints.

It also promotes the synthesis of connective tissue that makes up the joints and surrounding bio-structures.

As you can see, the earth has been designed with everything we need to fight inflammation, relieve pain and rebuild our joints…

And it’s all in Joint FX!

Once these compounds had been discovered, scientists asked, “What was the most effective dose?”

After rigorous human testing and research, the precise dose for these ingredients have been perfected and placed into Joint FX in just 2 capsules a day! No less!

Better yet!

As a product made in New Zealand with all natural, pure ingredients, following strict NZ Government and GMP standards, it's considered safe to use on a daily basis as a dietry supplement…

Not even big US pharmaceutical corporations will say that!

"I'm 84. I had knee replacement two years ago. Now I'm fully mobile, even able to jog, albeit slowly. But my fingers are my major problem. After taking Joint FX for four months I am staggered that 2 capsules of anything per day could make such a difference to my finger dexterity. This is really magic stuff and should be promoted to people of all ages."
Roger E. - Gisborne, NZ
Results not typical. Individual results may vary.
"My husband suffered shoulder pain for years due to damaged cartilage. Since starting on Joint FX his pain is reducing wonderfully… Joint FX® is the only formula that has shown terrific results quickly and effectively for both my husband and myself."
Dorothy W. - Onehanga, NZ
Results not typical. Individual results may vary.
"I have been using Joint FX® for about four months. My tennis partner tells me I'm running about like a spring chicken. I'm 70 years of age and had lower back problems which are diminishing and no pain in any joints… looking forward to my next tennis match."
Paul B. - Raglan, NZ
Results not typical. Individual results may vary.

The Simple Joint Fx Solution


Joint FX effectivley tells the immune system to stop attacking your joints — basically turning off the "destruction switch."


With the coast clear, your body is able to go to work repairing and rebuilding your joint cartilage.

Once You Stop The Joint Destruction, Three Things Fall Into Place:

  1. You immediately feel less pain because the attacks on your joints have stopped. The cause of your acute pain and inflammation has been sorted.
  2. Your joints stop degrading. Unless you find a way to stop joint free-radical attacks at the cellular level, the damage keeps getting worse. Joint FX's two little capsules support the halting of ongoing destruction.
  3. Your body begins rebuilding cartilage. Joint FX effectivley flips your immune switch from destruction to construction. Supported by vital nutrients in Joint FX your joints go into heal and repair mode — rebuilding the cartilage you lost, and restoring your ease of movement and flexibility.


You could experience improved flexibility of your joints, and freedom from lingering soreness that will have you...

  • Bounding up stairs instead of dragging your feet
  • Opening jars, sewing and writing with complete ease
  • Walking the dog… playing with your grand children…
  • Carrying groceries…without any aches or creaks

All this from 2 capsules a day of Joint FX!

In fact, in some reports, people who took Joint FX saw their joint pain symptoms vanish completely!



⛔️ MSM
✅ Joint FX

⛔️Devil's claw
⛔️Bovine cartilage
⛔️Krill Oil



Anyone who is plagued by joint discomfort and would like to improve their joint health, improve their joint function, and/or has difficulty with other joint health supplements.

How is Joint FX different from other joint pain products?

Joint FX is a proprietary formulation made by natural ingredients rather than a cocktail of synthetic ingredients that cause harmful side effects and may even be part of the problem.


Joint Fx contains only natural and safe ingredients. There are NO known side-effects.

As with any dietary supplement, concerned customers should consult their healthcare professional before using Joint Fx, especially those with a medical condition, who are taking medications, or have known adverse reactions or allergies.


Consume one capsule with 300mls of fresh water in the morning and repeat in the evening for maximum effect. Do not exceed the stated dose without medical consultation.

Because each individual is different, we recommend consulting with your healthcare professional before taking any supplement.

How long does Joint FX take to work?

Some people notice a difference within the first week, while other people need to take a full 2 months for the nutrients to build up in their system.

Everyone is different, that's why we offer the 60 Money Back Guarantee!


Joint Fx is covered by our 60-Day Money Back Guarantee. If for any reason you don't experience the results you're looking for with Joint Fx, contact our Christchurch based customer service team at 0800 567 868 (Monday-Friday, 9am to 7pm) and we'll refund your money, no questions asked.

Our team is also happy to answer any questions you may have!

Morning Pain Is Gone
"Joint FX gave me a big improvement in my left hand. I used to have severe discomfort in that hand in the mornings. After using Joint FX, morning pain is gone."
Trish G. - Whangarei, NZ
Results not typical. Individual results may vary.
Thousands of lives have changed with Joint FX...
Now It's Your Turn!

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