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Turmeric To Beat Competition

Koru Nutrition - Testimonial Article

Even at retirement age Dorothy wasn’t looking to slow down. “I walk around the park a number of times per week.

We’ve got a whole group that goes and it becomes a bit of a competition to see who can keep up at the front of the group.” She says. Dorothy loves her walking group.

It’s a chance to take her little shih tzu dog Andre for a walk and for them both to socialise with their friends. In addition to her main form of exercise, Dorothy’s walking group was also one of her main social activities.

Not wanting to be seen as slowing down she began looking for ways to support her joints – especially her knees and hips. “I’d tried a few things in the past, and then I saw Koru Joint. I read a bit about it.

It’s got turmeric and a bunch of others, which I love,” explains Dorothy. “Koru Joint has things I have tried before but now they’re combined in the specific dose, it seems to make all the difference.

I’ve found it is far better than just taking glucosamine or turmeric,” says Dorothy. Most joint health supplements, like the ones Dorothy had tried in the past only focus on one area of support.

Koru Joint by Koru Nutrition is different because it focuses on three areas to support soothing, nourishing and lubrication of healthy joints. Dorothy is no longer thinking about slowing down.

Now, her friends are doing their best to keep up with her! “If any of the ladies in my walking group say ‘Slow down, you’re walking too fast for me,’ I’d say ‘Oh, I’m sorry’ and then I’d say to them, maybe you should be on Koru Joint too.” “I told my friends and now a number of them have even begun taking it!” says Dorothy.

Koru Joint is a long lasting natural formula, harnessing our proprietary 3 in 1 mechanism to support soothing, nourishing and lubrication of healthy joints. All 3-phases are required to build on each other to support long term healthy joint, muscle and cartilage function.

With tens of thousands of happy customers and counting, Koru Joint has set a new bar for natural joint, tendon and cartilage support. Koru Joint has been a bestseller on the internet and is now making its way into local pharmacies.

If you’re looking for a long lasting product to naturally provide 3 in 1 support, then ask for Koru Joint in the pharmacy and experience the difference for yourself.

Koru Joint works from the inside out and is best used in conjunction with Koru FX topical joint cream.