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Mobility Increasing Course - Modules 1 to 8

Koru Nutrition - Testimonial Article

Firstly, we just want to congratulate you on taking another serious step on your joint health journey. We cannot wait to see you succeed and live life fearlessly. That is why as part of your Joint Restore Pack - Holistic Edition, we have included some of the best video tutorials on joint health exercises that have been produced by several well-recognised physios, all collected and stored in one place for you.

There are so many resources out there, it can be hard to know where to start. These videos will put you in good step to begin exercising in a way that will promote mobility.

Enjoy and good luck!

Module 1: Take your time

If you haven't been exercising for a while, you need to take your time. The last thing you want to do is over-exercise and hurt yourself. Take note of where you are and what exercise you are currently doing. This will give you somewhere to start and add to. Touch up below on some regular mistakes we all make when exercising.

Module 2: Stretching

Stretching is so important no matter what age or level of exercise we are at. This video warms up your joints and muscles and preps you for your main exercises. Imagine your car on a frosty winter morning, you turn it on early so that the heater warms it up to make the start of your drive more pleasant and less dangerous. Begin your stretching routine as advised below.

Module 3: Lubricate Your Joints

Between the bones and cartilage in our joints we have synovial fluid. This fluid flows in and around our joints reducing stiffness, promoting protection, and creating ease of movement. A frequent trouble with this fluid is that sometimes it needs some gentle action to get it cycling through all areas of the joint. This is imperative if your joints have remained still/relatively un-used for considerable time. Think of this as honey crystallised rather than runny. This is most notable when you wake up in the morning and experience stiffness.
These are not big exercises but are gentle things that will just get the fluid in your joints moving again.

Module 4: Balance

One key thing that we need to focus on as we get older is balance, especially if our joints are needing support. So, with anything else we need practice daily and exercise regularly.

Module 5: Cardio

Now we begin one of the more well-known elements of exercise, cardio. The primary goal of your cardio exercise is to get your heart rate elevated and to keep your joints moving and exercised in a safe and strengthening way. As with lubrication and stretching, cardio really does awaken your joints if you have not been using them. As we stated earlier, take your time and build up on this one slowly. You don't to push too hard and hurt yourself. Below is a 15 minute walking exercise you can do anywhere, at anytime.
Away from conventional cardio exercise like running and cycling, this kind of stationary exercise is great for your joint health and poses a lower risk of injury or joint irritation.

Module 6: Strengthening

Joints don't work alone. Like everything in our body, it's a team effort. This being the case in our joints, we want to strengthen the muscles and tendons around them to give us greater protection for when our joints come under stress and pressure in everyday life. The exercises that we have included start with stretches and warm downs after which again are important.

Module 7: Relaxation

Relaxation is important... and fun. This is not the warm down but exercises that slow us down and help us end the day well. One thing which has been linked with inflammation in joints is stress. If we can exercise and relax, we get two birds with one stone.

Module 8: Challenge

If you are up for a something a bit more challenging, you should do this 7-day challenge. There are a number of these around, but this one particularly complimented our research and findings around joint health and exercise. The cardio video we supplied in module 5 is a part of a challenge on the channel below. To visit the channel below after the Day 1 challenge, click the title and it'll take you to the playlist with all the challenge videos in order.
Good luck!

Congratulations on completing this course 🥳

We are so excited to hear about the results you felt after completing all 8 modules.

Remember, these are not one-time exercises to do. Find the ones that push you just enough that it's challenging to do, but not out of your comfort zone/ability, and incorporate them into your daily/weekly exercise routines.

As we said at the top, our mission is to help you live life to the fullest. Once you have completed this course, please write into us at: info@korunutrition.co.nz and let us know that you've completed all the modules, how it has helped you, and which module you felt made the most difference.

We will then put you onto our Premium VIP email list which gives you access to promotions early, first dibs on limited addition products and information packs that will continue to elevate you further along your joint health journey.

Take care, and enjoy the rest of your Joint Restore Pack!