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“65 and still able to climb a tree”

Koru Nutrition - Testimonial Article

To be out in one's garden is, as I am sure any keen gardener will agree, so life-giving. Fresh air, the different shades and colours that nature provides, not to mention the produce that a garden can provide renews and refreshes. This is definitely the case for Cherry.

“There is nothing I love more than getting some dirt under my fingernails. Despite my years, I am still young. I think it is impressive to be 65 and still able to climb up a tree to give it a trim.”

“As you start to get on, I think it does require you to start to look for things that will give you a little bit more support. I love to eat the produce off my land but if it’s been a hard day outside or I just sit at my computer for too long in the evening, I find I can get pretty knackered. I love to rub Koru FX into my joints and muscles just to relax.

“It is a family thing. My sister got my brother and I onto the product. When my sister showed me an article of someone else who loved the product, I thought,’I’ve been in sales a long time, surely there will be a catch.”’

“I did my research and was pleasantly surprised by what I found. It turned out that Koru Nutrition was a New Zealand company and that they only use natural products. What about that is not to love?”

Containing high quality oils like calendula, arnica, manuka and peppermint, along with 12 others, Koru Fx provides the perfect formulation for supporting joints and muscles.

Koru Fx cream by Koru Nutrition has become NZ's #1 fastest growing topical joint support cream. With over two and a half thousand 5 star reviews, Koru Fx is showing itself to be a favourite in many New Zealand households.

“As a gardener, I love to eat and use natural products whenever possible. I don’t want to be rubbing chemicals and who knows what into my skin. With Koru Fx by Koru Nutrition, I don’t need to worry about that.”

“It is a beautiful cream and I am always recommending it to friends. Plant the seed and spread the word I say.”

If you’re looking for a fast-acting and long-lasting, natural product, harnessing the benefits of essential oils, then Koru Fx is for you.

Ask for Koru Fx cream next time you’re in the pharmacy and try it for yourself.

Always read the label and use as directed. If symptoms persist, see your healthcare professional. Koru Nutrition, Christchurch.