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Alison Discovered Gut & Digestion Support

Koru Nutrition - Testimonial Article

For Alison and her husband, nothing is nicer than jumping in a motorhome and cruising down the coastline. Travelling to a favourite fishing spot sounds like a wonderful weekend away for just about anyone, but for Alison - it requires a little thought.

“I love getting out of the city and exploring nature. For many, wandering through the woods doesn’t always sound pleasant but for us, simply bliss.”

“A few months ago, a good friend of mine got me onto Koru Gut Restore. She was raving about it. She talked about how it supports her gut and digestion and helps keep her ‘regular’”.

“She introduced me to Koru Gut Restore from Koru Nutrition. It is both a patented Prebiotic and it contains Live Probiotics in a beautiful gut balancing formula. A scientifically researched blend designed to sit on your shelf without the need for refrigeration; which is great for when we’re travelling.”

“Before we head off up the coast on a fishing weekend, I like to prepare everything in the motorhome so we can leave first thing. It’s actually nice to be able to plan an early morning ‘rest stop’ - it’s a bit of a habit now. But I’m not complaining about having regular bowel movements.”

“Things just move smoothly and my stomach is beautifully comfortable. I am absolutely delighted with Koru Gut Restore. I feel amazing and will continue supporting my gut with Koru Gut Restore which is great for my wellbeing & overall health.”

Koru Gut Restore supports and balances gut flora at optimal levels by combining 70 billion highly effective live probiotics with a patented prebiotic.

This patented prebiotic supports the gut to ensure healthy probiotic bacteria have room to flourish. As it’s not fibre or starch based, it goes to work in hours, not days - without the gas.

Whatever your need is for replenishing your gut flora, Koru Gut Restore has you covered. It has been shown to support Gut Balance, Digestion, Bloating and Immune Health.

Head to your local pharmacy and ask for Koru Gut Restore today.

Always read the label and use as directed. If symptoms persist, see your healthcare professional. Koru Nutrition, Christchurch. MR7794