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Deer Farmers Refuse to Compromise

Koru Nutrition - Testimonial Article

Never trust a skinny chef they say, as you can tell they aren’t trying their own food. As a deer farmer for over twenty-five years, Janet can attest to the fact that deer velvet is the real deal.

“When we got into farming deer, we knew that it was something special. They are such majestic creatures! We had our farm; always making sure that there was plenty of bush and a good water source to give them their natural environment. It wasn’t long until we fell in love as we saw them playing, especially in the streams. It was an absolute wonder to watch.”

“Not only are they beautiful to watch but as a livestock they have a huge number of benefits without many of the downsides that you get into with other types of farming. Deer velvet is just one of the many products that deer supply and I have been a huge fan since we started harvesting.”

Deer velvet is the name given to the antlers during the early stages of growth; when they’re soft and covered with a furry coating. Less known is that the antlers are deciduous and regrow annually - just like fingernails. By farming deer antlers, it is much healthier for the animals, as there is less case for infection and injury.

“I now work in a medical center and often get inquisitive looks when I talk about how deer velvet supports well rounded immune health and healthy joints!”

After leaving the farm, Janet took a while to find products that suited her. Knowing the scientifically researched benefits, she wanted to steer clear of tablets which contain mostly fillers and preservers. Koru Nutrition’s capsules are preservative and filler free so Janet was extremely happy knowing she was getting 100% New Zealand Deer Velvet from South Island Red Deer.

“I would take the capsules apart to check what’s inside. I know what I am looking for, and I am happy with what I found. I want what is real so that I know that my body is getting the absolute best.”

Deer Velvet has been scientifically shown to support: energy, immune health, joint mobility, healthy cholesterol levels, healthy blood pressure and circulation.

If you are wanting to support energy levels, your immune system and support healthy joints, or you’re just wanting that sense of overall wellbeing, then give Koru Deer Velvet a try.

Head into your local community pharmacy today and start feeling the benefits of Koru Deer Velvet for yourself.

Always read the label and use as directed. If symptoms persist, see your healthcare professional. Koru Nutrition, Christchurch. MR7848