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Happy Healthy Gut Discovery

Koru Nutrition - Testimonial Article

Like many people with retirement approaching, Betty was looking forward to the new chapter and adventures that lay ahead. Sitting in her office, she often thought about plans for the future.

Certain things fell into place and Betty decided to retire early; getting out of the day to day grind and explore all the possibilities that lay ahead. One thing she was really looking forward to was exploring her diet and general health.

“I had worked in a sedentary job all my life and many times I found myself wanting to change and try things to really support my health so my gut and bowels remain happy and healthy. To begin, because now I had the time, I looked at my diet and realised the food I was putting into my body needed to change.”

As Betty explored, she also discovered that there were a number of amazing supplements she could try in support of the dietary adjustments for a healthy and active retirement.

“Being aware of what I should and shouldn’t eat was the start of the journey to living my best life. Then finding the right supplements to compliment was my next step.”

“I had already been using Koru FX to support healthy muscles and joints and when I saw that Koru Nutrition had Koru Gut Restore; a product to support gut health; well I thought I should try it.”

A happy gut equals a happy you. To have good gut health, you need good gut flora. Your body naturally has good and bad bacteria throughout your digestive system. By taking both the patented prebiotic with probiotics you support the body's natural response to cultivate more good bacteria over the bad.

So why combine probiotic or prebiotic together and not just by themselves? Well one only needs to look at a garden for an example. If you put garden feed down then your good plants will grow well but so will the weeds. While putting down the feed, you also need to weed. Prebiotics and Prebiotics are scientifically known to support bacterial balance in your gut and digestive tracts.

“I am so happy with my retired life and what I have discovered about myself. To know what I should be avoiding and what I should be putting into my body is mind opening. Having a beautifully healthy gut has helped me to be a healthy person.”

Whatever your need is for supporting your gut flora, Koru Gut Restore has you covered. It has been shown to support Gut Balance, Digestion, Bloating and Immune Health.

Head to your local pharmacy and ask for Koru Gut Restore today.

Always read the label and use as directed. If symptoms persist, see your healthcare professional. Koru Nutrition, Christchurch. MR7819