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Nanas adventures with Grandson

Koru Nutrition - Testimonial Article

There is nothing that brings Sarita more joy than to be able to play with her young two-year-old grandson Carter. Taking him to the local park and being able to run around and keep up with him is always pure bliss.

“Like most rambunctious youngsters, he is quite the ball of energy and so full of life. To be able to move and be active with him is important to me. The smile on his face when I am chasing him...melts my heart.”

“It isn’t easy though. As a 60 something year old, I need to be looking after myself and supporting my muscles and joints the best I can. A healthy lifestyle, remaining active in my mind and activities are all very important but what I really wanted was something that I could use before and after the workout that Carter provides. Koru Nutrition answered my call with their brilliant cream, Koru Fx.”

The Koru Fx ingredients are based on the latest studies and research to ensure that we include only high quality oils in our bottles. Whether it is the Eucalyptus, which has been used in traditional practise in Australia for generations to soothe muscles and joints, or Manuka Oil grown in New Zealand’s own backyard; each ingredient not only is good by itself but like a grandchild with his nana, when they come together they bring out the best in each other.

“I like to go on intrepid adventures, and as Carter grows, I want to be able to take him as well. Knowing that I am taking care of myself and supporting my muscles and joints with Koru Fx, gives me the peace of mind that there will be many more adventures for Carter and myself long in the future.”

Many happy customers, like Sarita, are recommending Koru Fx cream due to its natural ingredients, results, and fast acting delivery. Over two and a half thousand 5 star reviews available on our website of everyday customers sharing their own stories of Koru Fx, it is easy to see why it is NZ’s #1 fastest growing topical joint support cream

So if you are looking for a fast-acting, long-lasting, natural product that harnesses the benefits of essential oils, then Koru FX is for you.

Ask for Koru FX cream next time you’re in the pharmacy and try it for yourself.

Always read the label and use as directed. If symptoms persist, see your healthcare professional. Koru Nutrition, Christchurch.