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On the bike & feeling great

Koru Nutrition - Testimonial Article

Being active has always been a major part of Shirley's life. For years, she has played golf and croquet and when it rains there is always Indoor Bowls or the local Line Dancing group.

“I love it when you are not only being active but also interacting with others; you get so much more of a relationship with different people through engaging in activities and experiences than just over a cup of tea and a chat.”

Shirley's participation in the activities began to lessen, however, through no fault of her own; her world began to feel smaller and fun seemed to be in short supply.

Shirley began to look at her ongoing lifestyle and also at a number of things that could support her muscles & joints. She wanted things that were sustainable, easy to incorporate into her everyday life and natural. One of the things she came across was Koru FX from Koru Nutrition.

“I bought just one bottle and thought I could try this. Very soon after, I returned and bought three bottles!!”

“I love knowing that I am supporting myself in my activities. I am playing Indoor Bowls and doing very well on that front, if I do say so myself. I have also picked up my trusty exercise bike and am doing 3km everyday. I am so happy to be living life to the full.”

Koru FX cream by Koru Nutrition has become NZ's #1 fastest growing topical joint support cream. Many happy customers are recommending Koru Fx cream due to its natural ingredient, results and fast acting delivery.

Containing high quality oils like calendula, arnica, manuka and peppermint, along with 12 others, Koru FX provides the perfect formulation for supporting joints and muscles.

People are often telling Shirley she is looking great. “I am so happy with my life and how I am living it. When I see my friends I will always lend them a listening ear and nine times out of ten I end up saying, ‘Try my Koru FX’.”

Koru FX is a simple combination of pure, all-natural ingredients that have been carefully chosen, not just for their own unique benefits, but so that when blended together they work synergistically to bring out the best results from each other.

If you’re looking for a fast-acting and long-lasting, natural product, harnessing the benefits of essential oils, then Koru FX is for you.

Ask for Koru FX cream next time you’re in the pharmacy and try it for yourself.

Always read the label and use as directed. If symptoms persist, see your healthcare professional. Koru Nutrition, Christchurch.