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Your Health & Wellness Pack Is Ready!

Congratulations on claiming your Koru Nutrition Health & Wellness Pack!

We designed and built this health pack to deliver you results in an effective, educational, and enjoyable way. 

Whether it's the 8 module course, the grocery shopping hack guide, or your brand new weekly meal planner - each of these products are designed to assist you with creating positive health focused behaviours.

So, without further ado, it's time you scroll down and begin digging through all your new goodies!


Please save this link so you can easily access your Health & Wellness Pack whenever you need it.

1. Mobility Increasing Course - Modules 1 to 8

Begin an 8 module course that promotes greater mobility and good exercise habits that keep you safe, having fun, and of-course, more mobile!

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2. 10 Affordable Health Boosting Winter Recipes

Use these recipes as inspiration for meals that work to support your immune health every day. 


3. 7 Day Healthy Meal Plan Template

Use this meal planning template in conjunction with your new e-recipe book and begin writing a shopping list full of healthy goodies to create your affordable winter meals.


4. Grocery Shop and Meal Planning Hacks

Take your new shopping list, ready to construct the affordable winter recipes in your new cook book and arm yourself with these key tips and tricks whilst doing your grocery shopping. Some of these completely revolutionised the way me and my family cook and buy our food... I hope it has the same results for you!

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5. Koru Nutrition's Do's & Don'ts for Joint Health

This resource comprises of the powerful simplified truths of how we can care and nurture our joints to live a life of maximum mobility. At Koru, building a strong and wise community around issues like joint health is vital to us being successful in our mission to make ageing enjoyable.

So please take this resource, print it out and spread it around to any gyms, book clubs, bars, restaurants that you may use in your local community. To share the correct information around how we can care for our joints correctly we're sure will be both rewarding personally for you, but also incredibly beneficial for those over 55 who read it!


Spread the love (and knowledge)!